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Classes and Workshops                                *updated 04/12/2015*

We frequently add classes, events and sales to the calendar as the season progresses.  Please sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Facebook for the most up-to-date announcements.  Class sizes are limited, so when you know what you want, give us a call ASAP! 508-457-9513

Knit/Crochet Gatherings ~ Hang out with your project and some new friends. Monday afternoons 2-4pm, Tuesday evenings, 5:30-7:30, Thursday evenings, 5:00-7:00, FREE

Spinning Circle ~ Wheels and spindles welcome!  First Sunday of the month, 1-3pm, FREE

Beginner Classes
Beginner: first-time and newer knitters and crocheters welcome!  Here we start from scratch – learning the basic skills you need to begin knitting or crocheting.

Beginning Crochet
With Jane – two sessions, 1.5 hours each – $40
This class needs at least two students to run, so sign up with a friend!
Learn the art of crocheting! Crocheting has made a recent ‘comeback’ to the yarn world.  Get to know the basic stitches and how to read a crochet pattern in this very beginning workshop.
Supplies Needed: US size I crochet hook; one ball of worsted weight yarn
Homework: none.
Dates: TBA

Beginning Knitting
With Jen – two sessions, 1.5 hours each – $40 or contact us for a private lesson
Do you feel like you’re all thumbs and written knitting instructions look like a foreign language? This is the class for you! We’ll start from the very beginning with just two needles and some yarn.
Supplies Needed: US size 8 needles, one ball of worsted weight yarn
Homework: none
Dates: Wednesdays, April 15 & 22, 3-4:30pm;
Thursdays, April 30 & May 7, 6-7:30pm;
May 16 & 23, 10:30am-12:00pm.

Advanced Beginner Classes
Advanced Beginner: add one or two new skills to your beginning repertoire.  If you know how to cast on, knit and purl, or chain  these classes will help you take the next step.  Expect to see patterns that use easy, repetitive stitch patterns, basic shaping and colorwork, and begin working in the round.

Bubblemania Beginning Lace – Knit
With Carol – 1 session, 2 hours – $35Bubblemania
Knitting lace can seem very intimidating; why not start with something simple?  This bubbly, light scarf pattern will help you get into the lace-knitting groove without overwhelming you.  Carol will cover basic lace and techniques for preventing mistakes.
Supplies Needed: approx. 400 yards of lace or fingering weight yarn; US size 6 needles; a spare knitting needle in US size 8 or 9 for casting on; a printed copy of Bubblemania by Diana Rosenshteyn.
Homework: none.
Dates: Saturday, April 25, 10:30am-12:30pm

Finishing Technique Intensive – Knit
With Jen – 1 session, 3 hours – $45
Learn to sew the most invisible seams and weave in your ends like a pro!  In this knitting finishing techniques class you will use prepared swatches to practice methods recommended by The Knitting Guild Association for perfect projects.
Supplies Needed: your completed swatches; yarn from your swatches; a yarn needle; scissors; locking stitch markers or safety pins.
Homework: complete swatches as described in this handout:
Finishing Techniques Homework 2014.
Dates: Saturday, April 11, 10:00am-1:00pm  (feel free to bring snacks, coffee, whatever!)

Intermediate Classes
Intermediate Classes: Dig in to some more involved techniques and projects.  Don’t be intimidated, though.  Choose a class that builds on skills you already know, and take your work to the next level!

Entrelac Scarf – Knit
With Jen – 1 session, 2 hours – $40Entrelac Scarf
Entrelac is a method of knitting a fabric that has a woven or basket weave look.  It is knit in small rectangular sections that change direction as you go, but it LOOKS a lot harder than it really IS.  Give it a try!
Supplies Needed: Approx 400 yards of worsted weight yarn; US size 8 or 9 needles; a printed copy of this wonderful Entrelac Scarf pattern from Alison LoCicero.  We used Plymouth Gina, which stripes on its own, for this fun, multicolored look.
Homework: none
Dates: Sunday, March 8, 10:30-12:30
Sunday, March 29, 10:30-12:30

Decoding Charts – Intuitive Chart Reading for Knitting
With Jen – one session, 3 hours – $45
Set your knitting free!  Learning to use a chart to knit cables or lace condenses your pattern from several pages of written abbreviations to one concise picture of your knitting.  A chart helps you keep track of where you are and prevent time-consuming mistakes.  Give it a try!
Materials Required: bring light colored yarn in a light or medium weight and needles to match for swatching.
Homework: bring some patterns you love that feature charts, if you’d like to discuss them
Dates: Sunday, March 29, 1:00-4:00pm

Outlaw Shawl or Neckerchief – KnitOutlaw
With Jen – 1 session, 2.5 hours – $40
Get started and on your way to success with this interesting neckerchief/shawl designed by Celeste Young.  Bands of zig-zag lace alternate with stockinette stitch to create a project that is both stimulating and relaxing.
Supplies: A copy of the Outlaw shawl pattern available in print or via Ravelry Download; yarn and needles required for your size neckerchief/shawl; stitch markers.
Homework: Cast on for your size and knit the required number of garter stitch rows.  We will begin the first session with reading the first chart row.
Dates:  Saturday, April 18, 2-4:30pm


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