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At long last… an Aidez that fits!

All the pieces came together over February vacation.  Here you can see the intersection of the back, front and sleeve pieces, laid out flat.

I took my sweeeet time seaming this together.  Whenever I have a seaming marathon I stress out my shoulders, upper back, and neck because I hunch over my work.  So I did a few minutes here and a few minutes there over the course of about 5 days.

Pattern: Aidez by Cirilia Rose, free from Berroco
Yarn: Berroco Peruvia Quick, color 9106 “Niebla”, 8.25 skeins
Notes: I made the 40″ size to fit a 34″ bust/40″ hip, exactly as written.

I think, sometimes, that I should be kitting winter sweaters in the spring and summer, so that come fall I have a cozy new wardrobe.  And as the weather cools, I should cast on for light and airy spring and summer tops.  But it never works out that way, because who wants to knit a bulky wool sweater in the middle of July?  Not this girl!


TJ Maxx dressing room selfie!

So, here I have the most jackety cardigan I have ever knit, just as the weather starts turning to spring.  We have a week of 50 degree temps coming our way and this will be my new spring jacket.  I’ve already been wearing it in place of the cheap, temporary thing I picked up at TJ Maxx last November that has already lost a toggle and hangs on to every single dog hair I come in contact with.  (I had been holding out for a silvery gray, wool blend peacoat and didn’t want to spend all my money on something nice while I hunted for one.)

This week I wore it every day.  To work, at home, shopping with my husband, to the gym, running out for groceries….  Some knitting projects are a bust but this one was WELL worth my time!