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We’re in the midst of our second snowstorm in 4 days and it’s just beautiful.


Saturday morning, after the first storm.  Current weather status: blizzardy!

While I took a break from knitting for most of January, I’m back at it and realizing how much I must get done in the next few months!  I paused from my winter KAL, Aidez, to get started on a shawl for my sister’s wedding in late March. I’ve reached the point where I’m adding in beads, but the rows are getting to be sooooo long.  I have to try not to think about how much is left to knit and just focus on one row at a time.  The beads are so pretty though:


Pattern: Aeolian Shawl by Elizabeth Freeman

I’m knitting while watching Supernatural, which I had started watching back when Season 1 aired, and then lost track of it over the years. There are 10 seasons on Netflix and I aim to binge straight through them all.  I’m smack in the middle of season 5.

I did finish that last piece of Aidez, just yesterday!  I have it all ready to go – just some seaming to tackle.  Maybe I can wear it to school sometime this week!  It will be my first finished project of 2016.  I have two bits of sample knitting for a local designer to knock out over the next few weeks also.  Thank goodness for February vacation!


Aidez, left front