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I have scribbled all over my copy of Aidez!  In preparation for every sweater pattern I knit, I like to retake my measurements and consider what size I’m going to make.  Even if my actual measurements don’t change, the ease (looseness or tightness) of my sweater depends on how I’m going to wear it, and might be different from the last project.  I want my Aidez to be very “jackety” feeling, so I have chosen the Peruvia Quick for my yarn and I’m going to build 4-6 inches of ease into my circumferences.  I like to circle the measurements on the schematic that best match this so that I don’t have to think about it later.

Click here for an overview of this KAL!

I have knit a swatch and I will have to go down in needle size to hit the 15 stitches to 4″ gauge.  This is what I did in my previous sweater, however, and I ended up knitting the sweater so tightly that it came out way too small!  (Maybe I was stressed out at the time?)  So, I will start out with my smaller needle size, but remind myself to measure after a few inches of knitting to verify that it’s coming out the correct size.  (This is a habit that I haven’t quite formed and I should really be doing this with any project.  Your gauge can vary over time if you put a project down for a while and pick it back up, or if you are knitting under a variety of circumstances.)

Aidez schematic

Are the number of pages and charts freaking you out?   Never fear!  Berroco has provided us with both written instruction and charted instruction for the cables.  If you prefer one you can ignore the other!  The last two pages are the schematic and abbreviation definitions.  Is this your first cabled sweater?  You could start with the sleeve to ease yourself into following both the cable instructions and the shaping instructions.  Nervous about the cables themselves?  Grab some scrap yarn and try swatching each of the cables separately before starting the sweater.  Starting with the back of the sweater and confused about setting up the patterns?  Draw yourself a picture!  Here are mine:Aidez back sketch
Aidez sketch fronts

Does anything else worry you about getting started on this project?  Let me know and we’ll tackle it together!