I recently announced, in a newsletter to my email list, that I have Sage Yarn listed for sale.  Many months of thought went into this decision – it’s not something I’ve taken lightly at all.

I don’t want to talk to you today about my pro and con list, all the debates, discussions, and emotions tied up in a business that I know is a big part of your lives.  Today, I want to talk to you about the one thing I know will happen in the future.  Because when the future is uncertain, we all feel sad and nervous and frustrated and… so many things.  Let me provide some certainty for you and please take a moment to be sad if you need to, but there is a bright side to this that I hope will ease the sadness.

I’m not going anywhere.  I will be here for you.

It’s only the “here” that might change.  Maybe I will be here for you at Sage but maybe also at the Daily Brew or Starbucks.  Or your house or my house (if you don’t mind dirt)!  Or the Falmouth Public Library, Gus Canty or even Crossfit Cape Cod.  Maybe we text or Skype or pull together a Google hangout for after hours knitting.  I will be here for you in more ways than I can be as the owner of this shop.

Who am I to you?  We’re not always sure of the impact we have on each other in our daily lives.  I’ve grown to know a lot of you over the years and you are important to me.  Not just as a customer, but as a person.  Your successful project is my joy.   Your yarn therapy is my comfort.  Being a trusted person you can turn to when you need me… it’s a huge part of me and I’m honored to be that person.  Our relationship, whatever it might be to you, can continue.  And I will be a better friend to you as the non-owner of this shop.

The hope is that there is someone out there who would like to take over the “business” – the retail aspects of Sage Yarn that will keep it going for many years to come.  This will take some time to work out.  But you can be certain, right now, the JEN part of this business goes on no matter what and will only be better for you in the future.