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Words I know I overuse on this blog: awesome; favorite; amazing; soft; fun; cozy.

Words I must use to describe this project: awesome; favorite; amazing; soft; fun; cozy.

I’m sorry.  I do try to vary my adjectives in a way that keeps my writing entertaining, but this is one soft, cozy sweater that is sure to be a favorite!  Shellseeker FO

Pattern: Shellseeker by Heidi Kirrmaier, available via Ravelry Download
Size: Small, 40″ size with a tiny adjustment
Needles: I needed US 6 needles to achieve gauge on this one
Yarn: Berroco Indigo – 3 skeins each of the two main colors, less than one each of my contrast colors.  There was more than enough yarn that I could have made my size in just the 3 skeins of the two main colors.
Notes: Berroco Indigo really is just like your favorite pair of jeans.  Soft from being “worn in” yet sturdy and crisp enough to hold its shape.  Shellseeker fits loosely, with flattering details that keep it from looking like just another sweatshirt.  And the stripes!  So fun!  Though I did want this to be oversized, I made a small alteration.  I included just the tiniest bit of waist shaping – a few decreases leading up to my smallest point, and a few increases on the way out.  I also, obviously, included more than two colors in the stripes.Shellseeker FO sleeve

We chose this pattern for the knitalong in the hopes that it would be a chance for you to try something new, without getting weighed down by too many new things at once.  A lot of you learned the difference between a make 1 left and make 1 right, how to put stitches on hold and pick them up later, AND how to make and install a pocket in the most seamless way possible.  You may have ripped a section or two, or even restarted from the beginning, but I’m so proud of all of you for sticking with it!  Yay Sage Yarn KALers!  Once you finish your sweater, we would LOVE a photo of it for a collage!  Email one to sageyarn@gmail.com, stop by so I can snap one, or tag a photo on Facebook or Instagram with #sageyarn.

Our summer KAL is coming up soon.  I’ll announce it shortly, but we won’t begin knitting until July – so you have plenty of time to finish up your Shellseeker or sneak in a few smaller projects.  Watch this space and we hope you’ll continue knitting along with us!

Shellseeker FO top