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We’re nearing the end of our Spring KAL and Summer is creeping around the corner.  It’s Memorial Day today, and though I didn’t make my deadline of having a complete sweater to wear today, I am pretty darn close.

I slid my stitches back onto my needle from the waste yarn and knit them down from the shoulder.  Compared to the body, these seemed to go super fast!  If you are knitting one of the larger sizes, you may have some stitches to cast on at this point.  The designer suggests Cable Cast On or Backwards Loop Cast On as two options.  Either one would work just fine – I prefer the Cable Cast On.

Shellseeker sleeve pickup

Now that my knitting is done, I just have an hour or two of finishing work to do.  Even though this is a seamless sweater there are still some wonky things that need buttoning up.  I thought I would show you what mine looks like, in case you thought yours was looking weird.

Shellseeker hem

The hem is flipping up at the corner sometimes.  BLOCKING will take care of this!  If you’re nervous about it right now, you can give it a quick steam to relax it and ease your mind.  But I’ll just leave it for later and not worry about it.

Shellseeker pocket gap

There’s a little gappyness with the stitch that is being pulled in the corner of the pocket.  I’ll probably do a little duplicate stitching, or if I’m feeling jazzy, a nice X in one of my contracting colors here in this corner, to keep the pocket from pulling on the sweater too much.

Shellseeker sleeve ends

ENDS to weave in!

Shellseeker underarm

And the underarm gap.  My size didn’t have any stitches to cast on, so this is just the gap from picking up and knitting in another direction.  Some people take care of this when they pick the sleeve up off the holder, but I deal with it in finishing.  Either way is just fine!  I will use the tail that was left from rejoining my yarn at this point to weave around the hole in the least conspicuous way possible.  Sometimes, I try something and it doesn’t look right and have to try something else.  When I do get it right, I weave in that end and call it a day!

What do you think?  Do you have anything else weird going on in your sweater?  Let me know in the comments!