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Sometimes you just need to cast on.  Something new! Fresh! Inspiring!  Hopefully, it’s also something very wearable.  bajada square

I have just cast on for Bajada, a lacy scarf in 3 skeins of Berroco Maya, designed by the Berroco Design Team.  This was featured in our Yarn Tasting handout and is available as a Ravelry In-Store Download here at the shop.

The knitting part of this project doesn’t seem too difficult.  Knit – purl – yarn over – p2tog – etc.  I would approach this pattern with a little bit of strategy, though.  There are no “rest rows”, where you purl back, and page 1 is a wall of text where the lacy stitch pattern is written out row by row.  Then, page 2 is the actual pattern – cast on so many stitches, knit in stitch pattern A, then stitch pattern B, etc.


Do you have a preferred strategy for a pattern like this?  Do you flip from page 1 to page 2 and tick off your rows?  Or do you rewrite the pattern so that the stitch patterns are lined up row by row?

My instinct is to chart it out, but my brain isn’t letting me today.  And keeping track of both stitch patterns isn’t meshing well with my attention span.  So I’m going to flip from page to page and move a post-it along the pattern as needed.  I have a feeling once I see what is happening with the pattern I’ll be able to wrap my brain around charting it out.  I hope to turn this WIP into a FO fairly quickly, in between knitting on my Spring KAL sweater!