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It’s Knitalong Day and everyone is working on the pocket – it’s so exciting!  I did take a few photos of my pocket lining for a visual reference, if that part is coming up for you and it sounds confusing.

When you get to the pocket lining, you are going to knit on just the stitches between the markers, again, same as when you were knitting your actual pocket.  In this sequence of events, you knit back and forth on the “pocket lining”, then you leave it on hold —

Shellseeker-pocket-lining1 Shellseeker-pocket-lining2

THEN you go back to the main body and knit across the pocket stitches that you had put on hold previously.  This reconnects the circle, from when you put the pocket lining on hold (like you’re just switching out your lining stitches for your pocket stitches).  At this point, your pocket lining is hanging free but your pocket has become part of the body.

After this, you work a few more rounds on the whole body as written for your size, and then join in the pocket lining stitches by knitting them together with the stitches on the needle.  This process looks very much like a 3-needle bind-off.

Put your pocket lining stitches on a spare needle (a size close to your knitting needle size should be ok), and hold these stitches parallel to your body stitches, lining in back, body in front.  As you knit across, put your right hand needle through the first stitch on the front needle AND the back needle…


…pull your stitch through both and slide them both off of the left hand needle.


Here’s a tiny clip of a video showing this in action.  I’m in my pjs at home in horrible lighting with my husband holding the camera!

Once your pocket and pocket lining are joined in, you’re home free!!  You have some ribbing to knit and then it’s ON to the sleeves!