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I have swatched and washed Berroco Indigo and it is GLORIOUS!   It is your favorite pair of jeans after a few wears – a little softer, a little more loved.  Knitting with it was not quite like knitting with wool since it’s not bouncy, but it moves smoothly on laminated wood needles, like the Knitter’s Pride Dreamz I’m using for my Shellseeker.  I can’t WAIT to be wearing this sweater!

I was able to achieve gauge in my washed swatch using a size 6 needle.  Before washing, my stitches were a little bit small.  If I hadn’t washed my swatch and I switched to a larger needle to knit my sweater, it would have been much to big for me.

Even though I got stitch gauge, my row gauge was a bit off.  I am supposed to get 27 rows to 4 inches, but I actually got 30.  It can be hard to achieve both stitch gauge AND row gauge when you’re substituting yarns as we are.  The big question is – does that row gauge even matter?  Yes, it does.  This pattern gives instructions, such as the raglan increases at the start of the sweater, over a certain number of rows, rather than inches.  So I have to be aware that my row gauge is a bit shorter and I did some quick math in the video to make sure that I didn’t have to change anything.

So – use the needle size that gives you gauge AFTER washing, be aware if your row gauge is WAY off (more than mine, I’d say – something like 30 or more rows over 4″), do some math if you need to and get ready to CAST ON!!

Again, let me know if you have any questions at all!  Our first in-person meeting for this KAL will be this Saturday from 2-4pm at Sage!