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3 years, 30# ago!

This scarf has been such a wonderful project for using up scraps!  Linen stitch is a simple slipped-stitch pattern for knitting that gives the appearance of a woven fabric.  When you use this stitch in combination with stripes or variegated yarn the result is a riot of color!

The last time we made one of these I used all-wool scraps.  This time, my mom used all washable worsted scraps, mostly Plymouth Encore, since that’s what we had in our scrap yarn stash.  What do you think?  Mom put a garter stitch border at each edge on this one, and since she didn’t change needle size or alter the number of stitches, it creates a slight ruffle.  I love it!

Linen Stitch Scarf Redux

Finished Size: 56″ long  by 5.5″ wide
Materials: approximately 5oz of acrylic blend worsted weight – 300 yards would do it
Gauge: 17 sts = 4″ in linen stitch
-This scarf is knit lengthwise – casting on the length and knitting to the desired width.
-If you want to add fringe at the ends, feel free to leave your tails long and tie them into the fringe later, instead of weaving them in.
-There are many versions of “linen stitch” – our previous version was over 4 rows, this one is over 2.
-To alter the length of this scarf, cast on more or less stitches but stick with an even number.


With US 9 circular needle, cast on 240 sts.
Knit in garter stitch (knit every row) for approximately 1″.
Begin Linen Stitch Pattern:
Change to next color, leaving a long tail if fringe is desired.

Row 1: *knit 1, move yarn to the front, slip 1, move yarn to the back; repeat from * across.
Row 2: *purl 1, move yarn to the back, slip 1, move the yarn to the front; repeat from * across.

Repeat rows 1 & 2 until scarf is 1″ less than the desired width.  For our sample, work until piece measures 4.5″ from beginning.  We changed colors every two rows.

Knit in garter stitch for approximately 1″.  Bind off all stitches, loosely.  Attach fringe if desired!