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We’re almost to the end of our winter knitalong and I hope you’ve been having fun!  We’ve swatched, started knitting away in the round, attached all the pieces together and worked our way through the yoke.  The only thing left to do is graft the underarm stitches together and weave in ends!

The way my brain works, the traditional method of using Kitchener stitch to graft seems really abstract to me.  The way you line up the needles and break things down into needle-weaving between the stitches just doesn’t match up with the finished look in my mental picture.  I prefer, instead, to graft the stitches while they’re still live on my stitch holders (scrap yarn).

There are some other corners of the internet where you can find some instruction on this method.  Knitting for Dummies calls it grafting “head to head” and has some diagrams here.  I decided to take this opportunity to film a video “tutorial” to try to show you what I mean, live and in-person.  Let me know what you think and if it helps at all!


If you want to get into Kitchener stitch, instead, these are some great resources:
Knittinghelp.com’s Kitchener stitch video
Berroco Yarn’s How-to
TECHknitting’s An Easier Way to Kitchener Stitch