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Dear Knitters & Crocheters,

There are a few things that we have to talk about.  With the lack of sunshine and overall gray feeling that comes with winter on Cape Cod, I think I just need to say it to everyone at once:

You are doing a GREAT job!  Keep it up!  Don’t stop!

Every stitch you make is one step towards a goal.  Maybe that goal is to keep stitching… to sit in quiet for a few minutes and put some other worries out of your head.  Maybe your goal is the finished project… turning some pretty string into something you can hold in your hands and give to another human to keep him or her warm.

Sometimes we stitch for a while and then take a break.  That’s ok!  Your yarn will be there for you when you come back to it.  Sometimes we bounce from project to project and that’s ok, too.  It can be about those little goals instead of the big finished-project goal.

You are all SO hard on yourselves, I have to say it again.

You are doing a GREAT job!  Keep it up!  Don’t stop!

You will make mistakes.  I make SO many mistakes and when I make them, I make them BIG! I’ve spent a lot of time playing with how to fix those mistakes, as well as fixing others mistakes.  This sometimes gives my projects a “perfect” appearance, when in reality they are far from it.  There’s no such thing as a perfect project.  You will make mistakes and that’s ok!  You will learn how to fix them or you will learn to let them be.

I’m so happy to help you.  I’m proud to help you!  Because, sometimes you have to be brave to hop into the shop and ask for help.¹  Then, once you and I are done talking, you have to be brave, again.  You have to go home, by yourself, and keep on working.  You keep trying new things and sticking with it even when they start to get difficult.  And when all is said and done you have something that you have made with your very own hands or, at the very least, a wonderful experience with some pretty string.

 You are doing a GREAT job!  Keep it up!  Don’t stop!

Keep it up

¹ 99% of people who stop in for help say either, “This is a silly question, but…” or “You’re going to laugh when I show you this…”.  It’s not a silly question and we will never, ever, ever, ever, in a million years laugh at you.