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A few years back, I posted about this super-popular cardigan pattern designed by Cirilia Rose.  It’s so pretty and classic and is worked up in a cozy bulky wool, Peruvia Quick. (Previous posts: Part 1; Part 2.)  My posts are getting a lot of hits these days and I feel like I should make a confession.

I had decided to make it in one piece instead of seaming several pieces together and posted about my process.  I never did post about my finished sweater because, well…  I learned a valuable gauge lesson here.

I knit my gauge swatch over stockinette stitch but most of this sweater is covered in beautiful cables.  I knew my cables were being knit tightly (as I typically do), but I thought it would just make them stand out well and that the overall size of the sweater would be fine.  No such luck!  The finished garment, even after blocking, was way too stiff to be comfortable even if I found someone smaller than myself to wear it.

How would I fix this?  If the pattern provides gauge measurements over stockinette and cables, I’ll be sure to swatch the cables.  In this case, it doesn’t, so I should have measured the width of the body as I was knitting.


Almost 3 years later, Carol helped me reclaim my yarn this weekend – straight from the sweater back into balls.  In order to reknit this, I’ll have to re-set the yarn (that’s a blog post for a future date).  I prefer to think of this as a learning process rather than lost time – as reclaimed yarn rather than a lost sweater.  I’ll enjoy it more the second time around, knowing that my finished sweater will fit, for sure!