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I’ve cast on and knit through the start of my non-Lopi Lopapeysa for our Knitalong.  I’m even more in love with the colors now that I’ve worked through the first chart!  The olive green and black are clear solids, while the light gray is a silvery heather.  The contrast really pops!

Whether you’re starting with the sleeve or the body, you may be thinking, “This doesn’t look big enough.  I did my gauge swatch, I swear!”

It's all scrunched up!

It’s all scrunched up!

Since we’re working in the round, most of us are using needles the confine the tube we are knitting.  It’s all scrunched up and, until you have a bit more done, it can be hard to see if it’s coming out to the right size.  Take a moment to double-check that you are achieving gauge (sometimes it can change on you).  If you still have gauge and you’re working the correct number of stitches you can rest easy.  It’s going to be just fine!  But, if that’s not enough to ease your mind, here’s a way to double check.


All spread out

Grab another needle or some scrap yarn + a yarn needle.  Slide half (or all) of your stitches onto the needle or scrap yarn.  Pull that sweater over your head and try it on!


No way this is going to fit :-/


AH! Yes it will!

Feel better?  I do!  There’s plenty of room in this sweater.  Though the ribbing is pulling in at the bottom, there is some comfortable ease for me in the body.  If you’re worried about how your stranded knitting looks you can also take this opportunity to do a quick steam block while it’s all spread out.  I would only rip out if there is severe puckering from stitches that were stranded too tightly.

Our next in-person meeting for this KAL is THIS SUNDAY, Feb. 8, 10:00am.  Come show us your progress and get help with anything that’s bugging you!