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As the year-end approached it hit me – a ridiculous, mojo-sucking lack of commitment and inspiration that stripped me of all motivation and decision-making skills.

Ok… that’s a bit dramatic.  But it has been difficult, the past 6-8 weeks, to pick out a pattern, walk straight over to the yarn and instantly cast on.  Everything else in my life has piled on and my relaxing knitting has become a paralyzing process of decision-making.  Which pattern? What yarn?  Which colors?


How did I get here?  Work at the shop got pretty crazy towards the end of the year.  I struggled to stay on top of it all, and deciding what to make my loved ones for Christmas became a real challenge.  There were lots of ideas but nothing that fit my people and not enough time to knit.  My husband and I drove to visit his family for Thanksgiving and I could barely decide what knitting to bring.  We launched our new version of the Sage Yarn website just before Christmas and then I spent the next two weeks getting the class schedule ready.  Never a dull moment, here at Sage Yarn!


The only thing I can do in these situations is completely pare it down.  Strip away all of the extra stuff and set parameters for myself – get focused, make my to-do list and tick things off one by one.  I drink my coffee, put pen to paper, google “inspirational quotes”, go lift weights at the gym, call Celeste for a pep talk, and get a move on!  IT’S 2015, PEOPLE!!  A new year means new possibilities, each day better than the last!happy-Feet-Splash

So!  Today’s decisions include what colors to use for my KAL sweater and what shop sample to make with our gorgeous Freia Ombre Laceweight.  In the meantime, to rest my brain, I wound a hank of Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet 100 Splash to knit a pair of plain vanilla toe-up socks.

How do you give yourself a kick in the pants when you need it?  Do you have certain strategies for getting refocused after a hectic period?  I’d love to hear about it!