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Cascade-Fingering-Autumn-GradientIt can be really difficult to knit for other people, especially a person you don’t know that well.  I’m in the midst of trying to decide what to make for a few people that I’m friendly with but don’t get to hang out with enough to gather good data.  What kinds of clothing does he wear?  Does she love bright colors?  How about some kind of accessory for something in his/her life?

Please let me give you this little bit of advice – the same advice I give my beginning knitters in every class.  Start with something you’re going to enjoy making in a yarn you enjoy touching!

If you don’t know someone well enough to know, 100%, whether he or she will LOVE what you make, at least give yourself the freedom to choose from a list of things you think you’ll enjoy as the maker.  SO many people I see this time of year are cranking away at a project they don’t like, in a yarn or color they don’t like, so that they can say, “I made it!”  If you took the time to make it but hated it every step of the way, was it really worth it?  There are only so many hours in the day for our knitting, crocheting and spinning – it should be enjoyable for you while you’re doing it, as well as when you’re giving it.  It’s like two gifts in one!  One for you and one for the recipient!

This year for gifts I’m going to try and focus on the whole process as it affects me as the maker, as well as the finished item I hope to give.  I’m really excited about certain projects that have popped into my head for certain people, and other projects are going to move to the back-burner.  If I don’t get them done, I don’t get them done.  There’s always New Year’s Day, President’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays….

Hopefully, you’ll see a few great ideas you can steal and a few great FOs here on the blog over the new few weeks!  The things I have on my “front” burner a tons of fun!