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My Mom wanted to choose something for the Norah Gaughan-Along but has been a little short on knitting time.  I have her on the hook for store samples and she’s been knitting baby blankets like it’s her job (sometimes it is!).  She chose a gorgeous hat!Sunflower Tam1


Pattern: Sunflower Tam by Norah Gaughan, from the book Knitting Nature.
Yarn: 1.5 hanks of Berroco Peruvia Quick, col 9187.
Notes: There are two sizes in the pattern.  Here, my mom has made the adult-sized version with bulky weight wool.  She did her gauge swatch, because her eldest daughter made her, and she produced a beautiful hat, exactly to specs… except the ribbing.  (click any photo to make it bigger, then hit the “back” button to come back here)


She went down in needle size for the overall pattern to achieve gauge, but didn’t anticipate how much further she would have to go down to create a sturdy ribbing.  This ribbing was a little too floppy and didn’t quite stay on your head.  Instead of ripping out the whole hat and all of that gorgeous work, I took off the ribbing and knit a new one.

Sunflower Tam5

First, I put my needle through all the stitches in the row above where I wanted to take off the ribbing.  Alternatively, you could string a “lifeline” of scrap yarn through there, and then pick up the stitches, one by one, as you unpick a round of knitting (below).

Sunflower Tam4

I keep unpicking the round, pulling that strand of yarn out of each stitch around the circle.  When I’m done, I have all the stitches I need to knit new ribbing on a smaller needle!

Sunflower Tam2

It’s worth noting that knitting is directional, and the new ribbing is knit in the opposite direction to the original ribbing.  (Also, you can tell what time of day I tackled this project by the change in light!) The bottom edge is now a bind-off edge instead of a cast-on edge.  We’re ok with that, though!

I was able to do this in a much shorter time than reknitting the whole hat.  This saved my Mom not only from having to reknit the whole hat, but also from the confidence slump of having to rip out a whole beautiful hat just for a better ribbing.  This will lead into my fix for my Lempster sweater very nicely!