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Pattern: Lempster, by Norah Gaughan, available free from knitty.com
Size: 40″ Finished Measurement
Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Homestead, 7 skeins of “Taupe Heather”, color #2
Needles: According to my gauge swatches, which relaxed a bit with blocking, I needed to knit this on a size 7 needle.  So I did!
Notes:  This sweater is so beautiful, even the “wrong” sides of the cables are pretty!  This is an intermediate pattern, mostly due to pattern-reading.  It is a top-down sweater, using a unique set up for what Norah calls a “hybrid set-in sleeve”.  It’s just wonderful!  I’m re-evaluating what my next Norah Gaughan project should be, since I’d love to knit another sweater with this construction.  Norah will be teaching how to get started on this sweater when she comes to visit in December.  Read on, for why you should learn from her and not necessarily from me. 


Let’s talk about mistakes.

I am a big troubleshooter here at the shop and I actually really love it.  The ability to fix a mistake in my knitting without ripping out rows and rows of progress feels wonderful!  It gives me confidence and lets me knit on, fearlessly.

Well, there’s a downside to being able to fix most small mistakes as I find them.  If I have a mistake in my project, it’s usually huge.  On such a scale that you might not even notice it!  (I guess that’s a good thing).  I’ve made such a big mistake in this sweater, I don’t even know how it happened.

When getting started at the top you knit 4 “wedges”.  They are the little bits at the top, at ether side of the neckline.  You knit these wedges, cast on between them for the front and back neckline and then pick up along the other edges for the sleeves at either side.  Knit in the round from there down, increasing for the sleeves and knitting the cables from the charts.  Well… somewhere along the way I got mixed up as to what was front and what was back and I put the ogee cable ON THE BACK!

Let’s be honest.  I could wear it this way and no one would know.  But I know and it’s really bugging me.  My options are to either wear it as-is, reknit it (the whole thing!) or fix it.  “How would you possibly fix this?”, you ask.  I’m forming a plan.  A scary plan. Stay tuned!  I’m fixing this!!!