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For those of you who follow this blog and aren’t obsessed with Norah Gaughan – this will be my last Norah post for a bit.  There’s just so much to talk about!

A LOT of people have asked me what I’m going to do for the Gaughan-Along and the truth is, I really don’t know.  Should I pick something from the bucket list that I’ve been waiting on for a while, like the Snapping Turtle Skirt?  Should I choose something brand new like the Funnel Neck Pullover on the cover of this season’s Vogue Knitting?  Well, here’s the list!  Let’s go chronologically, oldest to newest:

My favorite things from Knitting Nature – Asymmetrical Jacket, Snapping Turtle Skirt, Bubble Pullover, Ram’s Horn Jacket

From the Berroco Norah Volumes – AnhingaCurrer, Flower Child, Manon

 Hypatia, Calcite, Elbaite, Connate

Pause, Verne, Lowry, Dickson

Azimuth, Merle, Kermantle, Halyard


I have a problem.  I do have some Suede in my stash for the Snapping Turtle Skirt and enough brown Pure Merino to make Currer, Manon or Anhinga, so maybe I should start with one of those.  Or maybe I should choose the thing I’d most like to wear to the reception?  Maybe I have time for more than one?  (ha!)  I just don’t know!  They’re all beautiful!