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If you’re thinking about joining in on our Gaughan-Along, you’ve probably been debating what pattern to choose.  How do you pick one design from 758 beautiful possibilities?!  I hope I can help!  I have a few suggestions for how to browse Ravelry and a few specific suggestions from Norah.

Using Filters

I become overwhelmed by choices very quickly.  I love to use the Ravelry search feature to narrow down what I’m browsing.  Before I do that, I have some decisions to make.  Do I want a quicker project, like an accessory?  Do I want to make a baby blanket for a friend?  Do I have my heart set on a new sweater for myself?  Do I already have yarn in my stash that I want to use?

You’ll first want to select only Norah’s patterns.  I’ve done that for you, click here.  If you wanted to browse through ALL of the patterns, you can change how they are sorted on this page.  Right now, they’re sorted by “recently published”, but you can also sort by “most popular”, “most projects” or “difficulty rating” in the drop-down menu next to the search box.

Once you’re there, take a look at all of the categories in the left hand column.  You can select as many of them as you want to narrow down your choices!  I really want to make a sweater for myself, so I’m going to start by selecting “All Sweater” under the clothing category.  (click the photos to make them bigger)

Norah selection screenshot

Alternately, I could begin typing “sweater” into the search box, and when Ravelry provides the drop-down box, I can select “Category: sweater”.

Norah selection screenshot2

I can keep going, selecting my yarn weight, pattern difficulty level, attributes (cables, colorwork, top-down, etc.) until I’ve narrowed it down as far as I want go.  This is a really useful way to click through Ravelry’s huge database, since there is SO much on there.  Please let me know if you have any questions or stop by the shop for a quick demo!

A Few Suggestions

In our emails, Norah suggested two gorgeous sweaters from Norah Gaughan, Vol. 15 (which also happen to be very high on my list), two free patterns.  Let’s take a look:


Norah says this is the most popular from this collection and it’s easy to see why!  The cable detailing combined with Norah’s hybrid raglan sleeves would make Halyard a stunning piece on a wide variety of bodies.  This would be a great choice for someone looking to try knitting cables from a chart, but not tackle something too huge.  In a heavy worsted/aran weight gauge, it would also move along pretty quickly.  This pattern is available as an individual download or ebook download via Sage’s Ravelry in-store pattern purchase option, or in hard copy.


Norah points to Sislana as an option that is very flattering for fuller-figured bodies and said that she loved it on herself.  This one features some cable and eyelet work, similar to Halyard, but features Norah’s top-down construction.  I love how it seems to pull from her Knitting Nature roots, as the cables remind me of two spiraling seashells.  Sislana is also available as an individual download or ebook download via Sage’s Ravelry in-store pattern purchase option, or in hard copy.


Feel like playing with some unique cables?  This one is a lot of fun!  Udina is another top-down sweater, which minimizes finishing work, and is available free from Berroco.  The cable pattern features knits, purls and two cable needles for something interesting!


Norah says this one is fast and it’s not your typical triangular shawl pattern.  Worked on size 15 needles in a lightweight, fluffy yarn, this one would be one great accessory this winter.  Valdai is also a free pattern, so click through and check it out!

Don’t see something you like?  Stay tuned for my short list!