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My love for Norah Gaughan goes way back.  Almost to the beginning of my real, capital K, Knitting days.

I picked knitting up, in earnest, in the two years I had between undergraduate and graduate school.  By the time I settled in to a quiet obsession, I had a huge blogroll of knitting and spinning blogs that I checked in on daily, and I had signed up for this brand new knitting website – Ravelry.

I would browse the pattern database for hours and a handful of patterns kept jumping out at me.  They were really unique and inspiring – they looked nothing like what I had been making.  I had no idea knitting could be like that!  Over and over again, I checked the designer, and it was Norah Gaughan.  Knitting Nature was the first pattern book I ever bought as a result of the internet in general and Ravelry specifically, and is one of my knitting treasures.

Shortly thereafter, Norah was hired as design director at Berroco and I moved back home to work with my mom at the old Sage Fine Gifts and Yarn.  I got to sit in on sales meetings with our awesome Berroco sales rep, Andra, and flip through the Norah volumes before they were released to the general public.  I’ve been able to follow along with her designs ever since and have knit several of them.  And to this day, every time I flip through a magazine or Ravelry and see something that makes me go, “AH! I LOVE that!”, I check the designer – Norah Gaughan!

I am SO excited to have Norah come to Sage this fall for a reception and to teach workshops.  I don’t know what our future holds as a shop, or my future as a knitter, but I know this will be one of the highlights of our existence in our little corner of the yarn world.

For more information about our workshops, click here.  For more information about our Norah Gaughan Knitalong, stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post.  For a bit of time travel, below is a gallery of ALL of my Norah Gaughan finished projects over the years.  You get to see the evolution of my knitting, hairstyles and selfie-taking technique, also!  From oldest to newest: