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It can be difficult to stay focused when there is so much going on.  A yarn shop is a busy place!  Throw personal goings-on into the mix, and I have to admit… I haven’t finished much this month.  But it’s not about casting off, it’s about the progress we’ve made towards casting off.

I decided to focus mostly on this pink & peach baby blanket because the baby girl was due soon and don’t you know, she arrived this past weekend!  I have been very indecisive about what to do on the edging, and even asked Facebook and Instagram to vote on color options for me.  But I just couldn’t pull the trigger.  And now, since she’s here, I just want to get it to her.  Behold, a borderless blanket!Munchkin Blanket

I told Celeste of my plight, and she pointed out that she didn’t put an edging on it either.  So I’m in good company!

Pattern: Munchkin Blanket, by Amy Swenson, available via Ravelry Download
Yarn: Encore Colorspun, 6 balls, color 7752

A friendly customer, Jane, offered to take the stripey scarf off my hands.  I’m crossing that one off the list and she’s adding it to hers.

Striped Scarf

What about the rest of the pile?  Well, I have to be kind to myself.  It’s been a busy month and not finishing these things will not bring the end of the world.  I’ve been working hard on our class schedule, scheduling guest teachers and knitalongs, and I have to get all that information up on the website TODAY!  If you’re with me, and haven’t finished as much as you wanted to, be kind to yourself!  I feel good just having pulled these things out of the closet.  The next project up is taking a look at my TKGA level 2 binder and addressing where I need to go with it.

How are you doing?  A lot of people have moved projects from the WIP pile to the FO pile this month.  I hope you’ve been feeling positive, motivated and excited about starting new things this fall!