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Ok.  I know, I have a problem.  I have many problems, actually.  This particular problem is the “so many WIPs, so little time” problem!


3 more UFOs were hiding in the back of my mind.  It wasn’t exactly that I forgot them but I guess I didn’t want to think about them yet.  But this is the Finish Along, and I want to keep you all motivated by making sure you know exactly how crazy I am.  (Several people have commented how they feel better about their WIP/UFO pile, having seen mine – you’re welcome!  See, we all have these things going on!)More UFOs

Fiddlehead Mittens
I “finished” one mitten as a store sample and didn’t complete the second one.  If we’re being honest, I didn’t really even finish this one!  I didn’t weave in the ends or knit a lining for it.  As store samples go, it’s been serving us well, but it would be better if I finished the pair, and had at least one with a lining so everyone could see what it was like.  I started knitting the second mitten this spring and then lost it in the mess that is my guest room.  In fact, I still haven’t dug it out.  I’ll have to, though, now that I’ve told you all about it.


Lovebird Mittens
The first of this pair IS finished.  Celeste came to teach a mitten workshop and I completed the first mitten as a store sample.  I did cast on for the second mitt to knit along with the class participants, but didn’t finish the mitten itself.  Must. Finish.

Lovebird MItten

And, finally, this scarfy thing that I made up.  I’m knitting garter stitch stripes on the bias with two different balls of Revel, which is a self-striping yarn.  I like the contrast and the simplicity, but I’m not sure if I’ll be finishing this one.  There’s only so much knitting time and I have a looooong to-do list.  What do you think?  If one of you wants to finish it, I’ll give it to you for free.  Bring a pair of US size 4 needles to the shop and it can be your WIP, lol.

Striped Scarf

I THINK THAT’S EVERYTHING!  This time, for real.  That brings my current tally to 11, with one project finished so far.  We have our first Gift Certificate winner – Roberta S. won a $10 gift certificate to Sage!  You can enter to win one, yourself, by commenting on Finish Along posts here or on Facebook!