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I hope this makes everyone feel better about what they have going on!  This is my pile for 2014, which is about the same size as my pile from 2013.  Over the past few months I have been doing pretty well with my project monogamy, focusing on one project at a time.  As a result, these projects are either very old (as in, I should have included them last year!) or very new (as in, just cast on in the past week or so).

FAL Pile

I’ll start with the new!  There’s a secret baby sweater in here that just needs to be seamed together.  I’ll do that first, because it will only take an evening of focused work.  It will feel awesome to check something off the list so quickly!  Next, I have a blanket going:  FAL Munchkin Blanket

This Munchkin Blanket has only just begun, but I’ll keep working on it because I’m on a deadline.  The baby is due in just 3 short weeks.  Since it is very, very easy garter stitch, I’ll switch off between this one and another, more complicated project in the pile.

I’m loving this project:

FAL Yoked Cardigan

This is a Yoked Cardigan by Hannah Fettig, sized for my niece for this coming Christmas.  I can’t help but keep working on it, because the yarn is SO gorgeous.  This is Anzula For Better or Worsted in Teal.  It’s just a little bit of length and some button bands from being complete.

In June I started a lacy pullover, which Berroco was doing as a Knitalong:

FAL Nijo

Nijo is a really fun cropped-style top that I thought I would wear over long tanks this summer.  I have the front and back completed and I’ve just started the first sleeve.  I haven’t finished it yet because I sold the rest of my yarn to a customer who needed the dyelot.  I’ll knit through the rest of the yarn I have and decide if the sleeves are long enough for me or if I’ll need more yarn.

I really, really want to make a Birds on a Wire cowl, from Knits of a Feather.  I even wound up the yarn:

FAL Birds on a Wire

This isn’t even cast on yet but Carol said I have to include it because I could have just left it in the hank, but I wound it up.  I’ve been carrying these wound balls around in my knitting bag for 6 weeks.

This poor Herringbone Sock:

FAL Herringbone Sock

I really have tried to complete this sock.  I got back to working on it last year during the Finish Along, but then the dog grabbed the ball when I wasn’t looking and shook it to death.  It’s not so bad that I can’t untangle it, but I’ve struggled to finished this sock and wonder if it’s just not meant to be.

My Great American Aran Afghan:

FAL Aran Afghan

I have 6 squares completed and haven’t been working on this one at all.  Even if I picked it up once a week, at least that would be progress and I wouldn’t have to figure out where I am every time restart.  So, that’s what I’ll try to do with this one – just pick it up at least once a week and keep moving forward.  Whenever it gets done, it gets done.

This skirt:

FAL Skirt

I’m not sure I even have the pattern to this one anymore.  I’m past the lacy bit at the bottom and just knitting in stockinette stitch with decreases towards the waist.  I’ll have to evaluate how much longer it should be and how many more decreases it needs.  This will probably involve putting half of the stitches on a holder and trying it on.  This UFO is many years old and I totally forgot I had it!

The biggest one, my TKGA Master Knitting Level 2 Binder:

FAL Level 2

I had intended to at least submit this binder before Celeste and I went to the TKGA Grand Retreat in 2012.  It didn’t happen in time and I haven’t touched it since.  The first step to working on this one is to see if I have the most up-to-date version of the instructions.  From there, I’ll evaluate what I have already done and then start on whatever is left.  There’s only a bit of knitting left to do, but I do need to spend some quality time with the written requirements.

As soon as I got all this loaded in to the shop this morning, I realized I forgot a project I had hidden in a box at home.  Oops!  It just so happens, though, that it was a WIP last year also… so I have a photo of it here:

FAL Prairie

This is my Prairie Earth & Sky Cardigan.  I forget why I set it aside.  I think I got wound up in Christmas, moving the store and the aftermath, that I never got back to it. It’s a lovely pattern and I hope I have some time to finish it this time around.  I believe I’m just about to, or have just begun the armholes on the body.

Well, I think that’s everything!  Unless you count the quilting and cross stitch projects…. but that’s for another blog!