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Worsted weight yarn is traditionally our best-selling category of yarn.  There are thousands of patterns to browse – from accessories and socks, to sweaters and blankets.  I bet I don’t even need to pick out a couple patterns for inspiration this week, since you probably have a long to-do list that would love this yarn!  But here are two great baby blankets from my queue – one I’ve made several times and one I really want to make, because Celeste made one and it’s perfect!

I do have a special note about this week’s sale yarns.  As you probably know, wholesale yarn prices rely on the wholesale cost of the fiber.  Many of our vendors are having to raise wholesale prices on their wool and alpaca this fall, due to the rising costs of the raw materials.  Most of these prices have already gone up, but we haven’t raised our retail prices because we still have stock at the lower price.  But we will have to reorder for the fall, and the price will have to go up (in fact, we’re already pretty low on a few of these things and we’ll need to reorder soon).

What does this mean?  This means that these Christmas in July prices are the lowest prices you’ll see on these yarns in this store!  If you’re thinking about certain Worsted Wool projects for the fall, pick some up this week and beat the price increase!!  These prices are good through next Wednesday, 7/23 and are on the website and in-store.

20% off this week: Berroco Ultra Alpaca, Cascade 220 Superwash, Cascade 220 Solids and Heathers, Encore Worsted Solids, Encore Colorspun Worsted.


I’ve already written about my love for clever patterns that make you feel like a genius.  I’m dying to make this Munchkin Blanket because it uses a clever construction to get around having to make 4 squares and sew them together.  It’s made all in one piece and is reversible!!  AND you get to play with color combinations!  I know a Mom who is expecting a little girl in another month or so – I just need to pick out some colors and this blanket will be on the needles.  Celeste made this one in cream, yellow, dark and light teal for baby Jack.  Munchkin Blanket is a Ravelry download designed by Amy Swenson and will be a staple for your baby knitting for years to come!



Speaking of staple patterns, and speaking of Celeste, let’s look again at the Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket!  I hope you’re not tired of looking at this one, because I’ll never tire of it.  This is another great pattern that lets you play with color, as many, many people on Ravelry have demonstrated.  You can go rainbow, gradient, complimentary, mixed-scrap-bag, Spider-Man web, or any other color combination that inspires you!  Since it increases from the center out, you can make it as small or as large as you want.  I’ve crocheted 4 of these blankets, now – two of them are on display at the shop if you want to check them out next time you’re there.  This is a free Ravelry Download from Celeste and is a perfect pattern for crocheters from advanced beginner on up!

So, check out what we have for 20% off this week: Berroco Ultra Alpaca, Cascade 220 Superwash, Cascade 220 Solids and Heathers, Encore Worsted Solids, Encore Colorspun Worsted.  Have some fun picking out color combinations and try something new!  Don’t forget – prices will be going up this fall, so if you know what you want, scoop it up now!