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Our April poll revealed strong interest in starting up a local Knitting Guild Association chapter here on Cape, and we’re excited to share that we’ve begun the process!

Our first official in-person interest meeting will take place
at Sage Yarn on September 14 at 1pm,
at which time we’ll discuss plans for moving forward including naming our guild,
electing interim officers, and completing the application.

A TKGA guild chapter is responsible for regular monthly meetings, educational events, charity projects, and optional Master Knitting support.  Forming a local chapter would give us access to exclusive TKGA resources including patterns, instructional resources, and educational programs.  Please note that participation in the Master Knitting Program is not a requirement of guild membership — but it’s pretty awesome!  Learn more about it below:

What is the Master Knitting Program?
It’s an independent study course administered by The Knitting Guild Association (TKGA).  There are three levels, loosely defined as beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  We’ve found the personal investment you’ll feel with each swatch you knit, and the reflection and thought required for each component, to be the biggest challenges.  All levels require several swatches, research on knitting techniques and history, and final projects.  Your work is submitted as a portfolio for review by current Master Knitters who evaluate it, then send it on to a co-chair of the Master Knitting Committee for final review.  It’s an incredibly thorough process, and the feedback is truly phenomenal!

There is no time limit on your submission.
Once you sign up, that’s it — a one-time fee for each level, and a requirement to either complete it within one year, or request the updated instructions (again, they’re free — you only pay once).  I’ve had to get updated instructions once before, and it was very easy!

Interested in taking on the Masters challenge?
Stop in to Sage Yarn to see Jen’s Level I binder, and cheer her on as she perfects her Level II submission.  It’s really inspiring to see the work in person!  Then, hop on over to TKGA’s site and sign up!  You’ll need to become a member of the guild before you can register to begin Level I.  Membership comes with a subscription to Cast On magazine, and you’ll also have access to free patterns and an archive of articles related to the Master Knitting Program.  There’s also an official TKGA group on Ravelry, and in our experience, everyone is really friendly! Finally, buy a HUGE binder, a bunch of page protectors, and some smooth, worsted-weight yarn like Cascade 220Sage Yarn is proud to offer a 10% discount on materials for the TKGA Master Knitter program — just let us know!