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I cannot express how amazing it was to have Sally Melville visit my little yarn shop.  She is smart, funny, engaging, inspiring and so gracious!  She answered our questions, taught classes with efficiency, patience and skill, and signed all of our books.  In the next few weeks she will be filming a version of her Essential Skills class for Craftsy, where you can take her class from the comfort of your own home.  Keep your eyes peeled for it, because it was a fabulous class!

Sally Teaching

I’m still processing the wealth of information that I absorbed over the past few days.  With every knitting class we take we add to our repertoire of skills so that we can meet every challenge we encounter.  After taking Essential Skills and Knit to Flatter and Fit I can now conquer:

  1. A variety of cast-on methods to suit different situations where they are required
  2. Increase and decrease techniques to give my knitting a professional look
  3. What to do with selvage stitches
  4. How to keep my bind off appropriate to my project – firm or stretchy – alter it after I’ve finished binding off, and keep the last stitch looking neat
  5. How to dress myself – you think I’d know this by now, but really…. this was HUGE!
  6. What to alter in my pattern to make sure my sweater looks fabulous

Sally Workshop paper dolls

Knit to Flatter and Fit completely revolutionized how I look at not just my store-bought wardrobe and my handknit garments but also how they work together.  I get so wound up in what colors flatter my complexion and what circumference would fit around me that I never thought about the ideal length for my sweaters, or the width of my shoulders.  How could I not?!  The success of a sweater hangs from the shoulders and the length separates the winners from the losers.  I can only say, I’m so glad to be exploring this information now, before I really tackled my sweater to-do list.  I’ll be looking through my queue and making notes.

Knitting Pattern Essentials by Sally Melville

I know many of you wanted to meet Sally and take classes, but were committed to family events (it’s a very busy season for weddings, graduations, and proms!).  We do have copies of Sally’s latest book, Knitting Pattern Essentials, available for purchase and it is an incredible resource.  I am also happy to report that The Knitting Experience Book 1: The Knit Stitch, our best-selling Sally Melville book, is being reprinted and we will have it back in stock soon.

The opportunity to hear someone such as Sally Melville speak is rare.  If you are at all interested in your craft, whatever it may be, take every chance you have to connect with people of experience.  You will NEVER regret it.  Every knitting “guru” I have met has left an indelible mark on my knitting, my teaching and the way I think about the industry.  I am so excited to think about what the future will hold, as I continue to meet these amazing people, and eventually become a person of experience myself.

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