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Let’s walk through the homework for Knit to Flatter and Fit with Sally Melville!  I know a few people out there are a little nervous about doing this the right way.  For this class, we need a simple outline of our body shape and Sally provides some easy instructions for getting this done. [Sally’s workshop is a wonderful chance to learn about knitting garments that fit – click through to our workshop page for details and sign up ASAP!]

First, you need to wear close-fitting clothing – gym tights and a tank top for me!  melville homeworkDo wear the supportive undergarments you would be wearing under your sweaters. Have someone take a full length photo of you and hold the camera at about mid-height (if you hold the camera really high, you have a distorted view of your upper body versus your lower body).  I took mine with a timer from across the room.  Try to relax your arms but hold them just away from your body.  Stand with your feet close together and legs straight but knees soft.  There you go!

This does not have to be an awesome photo of you.  In fact, you can see, this is not the most flattering photo of me!  But, I’m not going to be using my photo in class, I’m going to be using a drawn outline of my body, so no one else will be seeing this photo (except… all of you…).  Now, I must print it.

I took this photo with my phone, emailed it to myself and opened it on my laptop.  In Microsoft Windows, I open the photo in the photos library and click on the photo I want to print.  I select print (or hit ctrl P) and select the printer I want to use.  I check out the preview to see how the photo is displayed on the page.  If I need to, I choose “fit to page” or 8.5″ x 11″ option that makes the photo fill the whole page.  I wouldn’t spend the time getting photo paper or anything special for this part, and you could even print it in black and white if you want to save on color ink.  Since there are so many different combinations of camera, computer and printer types, your exact method of getting to print might be different from this – if you need any help, let us know!paper

Ok!  Now we have to trace our outline on some good paper.  Sally suggests some “20lb” paper – this is the kind of bright white paper we buy to print and make copies here at the shop.  Check your printer paper wrapper and it will tell you.Melville homework outline

If you need to, hold your photo against a window for more visibility.

Once you have a good tracing, feel free to toss the photo.  But don’t forget to bring your tracing to class!!  Since I’m an anxious student I’ll bring both my photo and outline to class, just in case 😉

We have a number of seats still open for this great opportunity to learn to make flattering knits.  Click through to the workshop page to sign up or give the shop a call!  508-457-9513