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photo credit – Sally Melville

What better excuse to add to my WIP pile, than a visit from Sally Melville?  Sally will be here in just a couple of weeks for a book signing and day of workshops, and I really wanted to have one of her new designs to wear (if you haven’t heard about our event yet, click here for details!!).  She has this really great pattern, L’Enveloppe, which is a shoulder wrap/poncho/capelet thing.

Sally says in her pattern description,

No-one knows what to call it, and—frankly—neither do I. Because one arm goes through (as does the neck) but the other arm is free, it’s not a cape, not a poncho, not a shrug, not a shawl, not a cowl. It’s small enough to wear under a coat but big enough to wear instead of one. And it envelops us in style.”  

Whatever you call it, it is clever and lovely!  You can’t ask for more from a knitting project!

There are two parts to this garment – the first is what you see below.  I’m almost done with this “side” of it, which is entirely garter (or seed stitch, if you choose) and shaped with short rows but no wrapping.  I ran away to see Celeste and Jack last weekend and knit this whole bit in just two days of part-time knitting – lots of fun!  The yarn you see here is new for us from Trendsetter, a drapey cotton blend called Phoenix.Lenveloppe1

The second “piece” requires picking up along the edge of this one and knitting the left arm cover-up.  I have no idea how a creative brain works, to come up with something so simple yet unique!  Sally writes this pattern with the detail-oriented in mind.  lenveloppe2She gives you options and yarn requirements for 5 sizes at 4 different gauges and 2 different stitch patterns.  Once you decide what yarn, size and stitch pattern you want, print your pattern, highlight what you need for your version, and go to town!

I’ll have this done soon, and hope to wear it to the book signing, Friday May 16th.  We start at 6pm – will you join us?  You don’t have to be wearing a Sally Melville design to stop in, but if you do have one – why not?