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SWATCHES!  We love to hate ‘em.  We’ve talked a lot about swatching here on the blog, because Celeste and I both believe it’s pretty important.  Well… it’s important if you want something to be a specific size, particular drape and use a certain amount of yarn.  Otherwise, we can ignore it.  For this sweater, it’s pretty important.  (Click here to read our first post about the KAL, with project details.)

I might still be shaking off the winter dust, as I am having a hard time deciding between a handful of different yarns.  I decided to swatch with all three, and of course, share it with you so that it will help you make a decision.  While we are often very concerned about how many stitches per inch we can achieve on a certain needle size, I hoped my swatches for the Featherweight Cardigan would show me more about drape.


This pattern calls for a gauge of 24 stitches over 4 inches and was originally knit in Malabrigo lace, which is a thin, light and lofty merino yarn.  All three of these swatches are worked to that gauge, though they look and feel very different!

Swatch #1 – Cascade 220 Fingering, in color #8910 , citron.

green swatch

Characteristics – light, fluffy, 2-ply, wooly

Swatch #2 – Frog Tree Pediboo Tonal, in color #1423 , deep pink semi-solid

Pink swatch

Characteristics – bouncy, squishy, more dense, slight sheen, soft

Swatch #3 – Cascade Ultra Pima Fine, in color #3709, wood violet


Characteristics – smooth, shiny, drapey, has substance

The swatch closest to the pattern’s original = #1
The swatch with the swingiest drape = #3
The swatch that attracts me the most = #2

I think I’m going to start with the squishy and gorgeous Pediboo.  It’s not as light and fluffy as a “Featherweight” cardigan would be, but it will still be lightweight enough to wear in the air conditioning.  I love the fabric of the other two swatches, though, and have a feeling you’ll see those yarns again on the blog in the near future!  I have these three on display here at the shop if you want to feel the difference and decide for yourself!