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Echo Flowers 8I am crazy in love with this project!  The Echo Flower Shawl has been on my to-do list for a looooong time, and with the introduction of lovely, affordable Forest Hills from Cascade Yarns this past winter, I knew it was time to cast on!

The pattern features charts and knitted nupps (the pretty bobble-looking stitch in the above photograph; sounds like “noops”). Many knitters have also added beads!  Using a tiny crochet hook enables me to add beads wherever I’d like.  Hook sizes 11-13 work well with size 6/0 beads, as the hook must be small enough to fit through the hole in the bead.  The higher the number, the smaller the hook.  You may find that smaller hooks split your yarn, but with a little practice, beading will become a fun and easy way to add sparkle to your knitting!

Knit until just before the stitch where you’d like to add the bead.  Set down your knitting for a moment, and slide a bead onto your crochet hook.  Grab your knitting, and carefully slip the next unworked stitch off of your knitting needle and onto your crochet hook.  Note: Always slip as if to purl to avoid twisting your stitches.  Slide the bead onto the stitch, then return the stitch to your knitting needle and knit it according to your pattern.  For my purposes, I’ve replaced all twisted stitches in Johnen’s charts with a bead.

Echo Flowers 3

Project Details:
: Echo Flower Shawl, designed by Jenny Johnson Johnen
Size: Shawlette or full-sized shawl
Yarn: Lace weight; my shawl uses one skein of Cascade Forest Hills
Needles: Size 5 (3.75 mm) circulars, at least 29″ long
Notes: Check out the nearly 3,000 projects on ravelry for color and yarn weight inspiration!  Many are worked in fingering weight and thicker!