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Here it comes:


Image from Fox 25

Here on Cape Cod we are very lucky to have the most beautiful summers that run straight into spectacular autumns.  But we pay for it in the spring.  Since we hang out there in the ocean, away from the “mainland”, in the late summer, fall and early winter we benefit from the lingering warmer sea temperatures.  The mild days and cool nights are heaven on earth!  In the spring, well… we’ll just say that winter tends to hang around a bit longer than is welcome.

While I am writing this, the National Weather Service has issued a blizzard warning for Barnstable County/Cape and Islands, from Tuesday evening through Wednesday afternoon.  I’ll admit that for a moment the thought of more snow at this point in the season made me want to give up and move to Florida.  But, then I realized – this is it, people! This is the last gasp of snow – the last warning of its kind until next winter.  This is an opportunity!  Wednesday morning will be the last peaceful morning to wake up and see everything covered in white.  I’ll sit with my coffee and my knitting, content to not do *anything* else.  Whatever weather delay I get from this storm will be an official time out from the rest of the world, because I know I won’t get another one until next winter.

I have about 24 hours to decide on something new to add to the WIP pile (then, maybe I should focus on finishing something from the WIP pile, lol).  I have all day tomorrow, and knit night tomorrow evening to decide.  We’ve had SIX new yarns come in recently and it’s hard to resist casting on!  Maybe I can squeeze in one new project before our Ultra Pima and Ultra Pima Fine restock arrives Friday, and totally preoccupies my mind.  Or maybe I’ll look back into my Ravelry queue and see what jumps out at me.  OR maybe I’ll work up a fast Christmas gift for next year!

What project will you work on during your last snow day?