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Belle Époque Shawl 6 Our celebration of National Crochet Month continues with the Belle Époque shawl, designed by Kira Dulaney.  This project was a total pleasure to make, from start to finish!  It begins easily enough at the center top with a simple chain, growing quickly into a triangle of double crochet stitches.  Rows of open, window-shaped spaces break up the monotony without being too challenging, and just when you’re looking to move on to something more interesting. . . it’s time to add the lace edging!

Belle Époque Shawl 1Dulaney’s instructions are clear and offer regular stitch counts and points of clarification, making her work accessible to the greenest of crocheters.  The secret beauty of crochet lace is that it relies most heavily upon the simplest of stitches, the first thing newbies learn: the chain stitch.  Chains upon chains worked row after row create the lovely shapes along the edge of Belle Époque, combining with a few bobbles and picots at the very end.  Such fun!

This pattern is easily modified to be larger or smaller depending upon your preferences with a change in yarn and hook size, or a change in the number of rows worked.  Building a shawl from the top down means that you can try it on as you go, deciding when it’s just right for you!  Stop by Sage Yarn to check out this lovely accessory in person!

Project Details:
Pattern: Belle Époque Shawl by Kira Dulaney
Yarn: Fingering (Sock) weight: I used 2 skeins of Cascade Heritage Paints in Isle of Skye, #9825.  The pattern is written for your choice of one or two colors!  Other amazing yarn selections would be solid Cascade Heritage, Lotus Mimi (100% MINK), or Plymouth Sakkie!
Hook: Size H (5 mm)
Special Notes: Blocking is an essential step in opening up the lace edging!
Belle Époque Shawl 4