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Riverstone Yarns
Riverstone yarns is a small dyeing operation out of BC.  They have a lovely line of wool yarns in semi-solid/lightly variegated colorways that really grabbed me.  At 190 yards of heavy worsted weight per skein one or two of this wool/mohair blend will get you a wonderful, very warm and sturdy accessory.  These colors have been a welcome cheerful sight against the snowy white days we’ve had lately.

photo 3 (1)

Plymouth yarn introduced Homestead a number of years ago as part of their Eco yarn line – naturally colored, minimally processed yarns with labels printed on 100% recycled paper.  photo 1 (2)

After a brief hiatus, Homestead is back in the line up, this time with a wonderful palette of dyed shades.  I am particularly happy to see this yarn return, since I had started my Great American Aran Afghan in the natural color of this wool, and didn’t have enough yarn!  Now… I’m dreaming up all kinds of projects with all of these wonderful colors.  This one is also heavy worsted and 191 yards per skein.photo 1

Lotus Yarns Mimi was a hit over the holidays!  Many people bought one or two skeins for a pair of fingerless gloves or to give as a gift to a fellow yarn-lover.  Now, we have some rich shades of purple and teal in the mix, as well as some more springy shades of green and blue and a soft pink on backorder. If I can settle on two colors, I really want to make a Foolproof cowl.  Check out our full line up and in-stock quantities of Mimi, here. 

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Neon Now
Does neon ever really go out of style?  You might not make a whole cardigan out of these flashy, bright colors, but how much fun would you having making a pair of socks?  TONS OF FUN!  I can also see this yarn paired with a coordinating color of fingering weight, like black or gray Cascade Heritage, to create electric neon stripes.  This one clocks in at 436 yards and is a wool/nylon blend.

photo 3These yarns are so new I’m still working on getting them up on the website.  I just need to take and edit photos for the colorways!  In the meantime, stop by in person and touch them all!