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drops knitalong

Now that you’ve had a little over a week to think about it – are you going to join us for our New Year’s Knitalong?  If you missed all the details, check out this blog post with links to the patterns and the yarns we’re recommending.  We have had such a great response to this knitalong and I can’t wait to get started!  I thought I might answer a few questions that have been popping up in conversation.

Q: I’m nervous about this/this is my first sweater – what if I need help?
A: This is the easiest question to answer.  We’ll help you!  My goal is to be a step ahead of you and to address any hurdles you are approaching before you get there, here on the blog.  I’ll see you in person at the shop, you can post a comment here or email me (sageyarn at gmail.com) if you need anything at all.

Q: When are we going to meet?
A: I’ve decided that Sundays are going to work best for this round, though we could certainly change that for future knitalongs as our groups evolve.  Every other Sunday – Jan 12, Jan 26, Feb 9 and Feb 23, from 1-3pm.  I’ll include this on the class calendar as a reminder.

Q: Can I use *this* yarn from my stash?
A: Maybe yes, maybe no.  You are going to have to knit a swatch to know for sure if your yarn matches one of the gauges in the pattern and looks nice while doing so.  In fact, we ALL should knit a swatch before we cast on for the sweater itself.  There are many reasons why, but there is a big one that we always forget about – yarn amounts!  If we are not knitting to gauge the yarn requirements change and we could run out of yarn.  Please check out this awesome blog post we wrote last year on how to swatch like a pro!

Q: How much yarn do I need?
A: This pattern gives yarn amounts in grams but I prefer to use yardage for more accurate yarn purchasing.  To do the math you must find out the yardage of the yarn the pattern uses and multiply by how many balls they use.  To keep it simple, I made a handy chart for you:

Chunky yarns: anything that will give you a gauge of 11 sts to 4 inches over stockinette stitch. Follow the ESKIMO instructions.

For Chunky in 3/4 sleeves:
33” – 702 yards
36.25” – 756 yards
40” – 864 yards
44” – 918 yards
48.75” – 1026 yards
52” – 1134 yards

For Chunky in full length sleeves:
33” – 810 yards
36.25” – 864 yards
40” – 972 yards
44” – 1026 yards
48.75” – 1134 yards
52” – 1242 yards

Aran yarns: anything that will give you a gauge of 17 sts to 4 inches over stockinette stitch.  Follow the NEPAL instructions.
For Aran in 3/4 sleeves:
33” – 984 yards
36.25” – 1066 yards
40” – 1230 yards
44” – 1312 yards
48.75” – 1476 yards
52” – 1640 yards

For Aran in full length sleeves:
33” – 1148 yards
36.25” – 1230 yards
40” – 1312 yards
44” – 1476 yards
48.75” – 1640 yards
52” – 1722 yards

Q: I’ve ordered yarn from you – when will it come in?
A: I put a due date of December 8th for yarn requests for colors that I don’t have in stock right now.  There is still time to request a certain color – otherwise, I’ll have a general reorders coming in also, so you can choose from what we have.  Yarns will be coming in fast and furious over the next two weeks.  I’ll send you an email or call you as soon as it gets here.  You’ll have it between December 12 and 19 depending on how fast UPS is moving.  If you want yarn wound, let me know ahead of time.

I hope that covers everything!  Do let us know in the comments if you’re going to be joining us or if you have any other questions!