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We are now just 6 weeks from reopening in our new location at 660 North Falmouth Highway (Rt 28A).  Focusing on my holiday projects and the daily goings-on at the shop has helped to keep me from stressing out about the whole thing, but there are a lot of decisions to be made in the next few weeks.  I’m really excited about most of them and I hope you’re excited along with us!  Here’s what I’m/we’re working on, as of 6 weeks out:

Layout!  Renovations are on track.  Our new landlords have taken care of prepping the interior of our space so that it will be ready to move in.  We’re going to be looking at a fresh, clean space with a brand new carpet and paint.  I’m still not sure of the new layout.  If you’ve checked out the space in person (and you can see from this photo) that we are moving from a space that is long and skinny to a space that is wide and a little more shallow.  Our big windows will give us more natural light but also change how we’re going to set up.

Store-front text

New Signs!  Our current sign, while very nice, is now a piece of our history.  Sage Fine Gifts and Yarns does not exist any more.  Here comes Sage Yarn!  At our new location we will have a sign that is perpendicular to the street and lit from the inside!  I have no way of telling you how incredibly excited I am about this.  I’ll be able to give someone directions to the shop and say, “Look for our nice, bright sign at the street!”Store-sign

New Yarn!  Having a great line up of yarns in a range of colors and in sufficient quantity for projects is a delicate balancing act.  We want to start out fresh with just the right amount – a full shop, but not so much that we don’t have room for new seasonal yarns as they come up in the Spring.  First, I have to decide what will stay and what will go.  Are there some colors of our basic yarns that just aren’t moving?  I can let them go and pick up some fresh new colors!  Are there holes in our offerings that customers have been requesting?  I can vet out the best options to fill those holes!  (NOW is the time to put in your 2 cents on this one)


Hours!  This is a big decision but I am going to change our open hours.  I don’t want to tell you all what they are until I’m 100% sure, so that I don’t change my mind and have everyone confused.  Since my parents purchased Sage in 2005, we have been open 6-8 hours a day, 7 days a week, closed only for New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, 4th of July, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.  I want to enhance our accessibility by being open during hours that are most convenient to our customers at our new space.  Should we be open late one or two nights a week?  Would we be missing anyone if we opened up slightly later some days?  Should we have seasonal hours?  (NOW is the time to speak up on this one, also)

Phew… it’s a lot to think about.  I’m the kind of person that likes to really consider everything and talk to all of my advisers before I make these decisions, so that I don’t have to change things later.  I make myself crazy sometimes, but hopefully all this thought will make Sage the best LYS around!