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You know at the beginning of every pattern you’ve ever seen they say, “TAKE TIME TO SAVE TIME, CHECK YOUR GAUGE”?  I think that “take time to save time” applies to much more than checking your gauge.  Checking your tension is very important, and we have written about it before (and will write about it again, for sure!) but today’s lesson is about bobbins.

In my last holiday post I wrote that I decided to choose one project that I could get72 CCS 601 started on right away – one about which I had already made all the important decisions – so I could work on it while I made a decision about the next one.  My first project is a Classic Christmas Stocking Kit from Accessories Unlimited.  You can’t get any better than this!  All the decisions are made for you, all of the yarn is in one place and all you have to do is knit it.  Well, I made things a little bit harder than they needed to be.

Learn from my mistakes, friends!

I didn’t wind my bobbins.  I knit through the cuff and “name” portion of the stocking relatively quickly and when I got to the intarsia Santa, I admit to being a little impatient.  I really wanted to crank this thing out!  I charged ahead, working from the inside and outside of each ball of yarn in order to have all of the blocks of color going at once.  Instead of taking a few moments to wind individual bobbins before I began, I created a great, sloppy mess for myself!

photo (6)

I had to rip and restart from the completed cuff but I’m back on my way to a finished stocking!  It’s moving along a lot more smoothly now that I have light, little bobbins instead of tangled balls of yarn.  I’m hoping to have this one done for a FO Friday post.  If I don’t, you know that life is getting the best of me!  We do sell these stocking kits here at the shop and they have been flying out the door lately.  I guess everyone else had the same idea that I did!

What did you start for your first project?