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Today is my self-imposed due date for getting organized for the holidays 2013.  If you’ve been following along, you know that I am spending the weekend at Celeste’s house and attending the NY State Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck.  She was part of the author’s area, promoting my most favorite knitting book of all time, Knits of a Feather. (I really do promise not to mention it in every single blog post from now to eternity, it’s just so exciting right now!)

Our real Rhinebeck wrap up will post soon.  In the meantime, let’s talk gifts!  I try to have a pretty laid back attitude about my gift knitting, but as the years go by and my knitting time gets more and more valuable, I’ve become more anxious about getting some gifts completed.  I really want to finish some great projects but somehow run out of time and I’m now to the point where several years have gone by without handknits under the tree.  This year has to be different!

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I’ve made myself some lists to organize my thoughts.  I started with a list of the people I know and projects for each of them if something popped into my head.  If I didn’t come up with a good idea right away I made myself move on and complete the list before I got lost in Ravelry pattern searches.  So, as of right now I have a few empty spots on the list, but that’s ok.  I’ll browse patterns during my lunch break to see if anything jumps out at me and I can fill in those holes.

I’ve flagged some wonderful patterns that I own in print and queued their virtual counterparts in Ravelry.  Once again, I made note of details, like yarn choice or color choice, if they popped into my head, but tried not to spend a whole lot of time thinking on it.  Time is of the essence!

Now here’s my strategy – for my first project, I am going to choose something that went down on those lists really easily.  There are a few people on my list who fell into place without too much effort.  While I’m working on that first project and making progress, the second project needs to fall in line.  For project number two I will choose something that will maybe take a little bit more time to complete, to be sure it gets done in time.  In my Rhinebeck-fatigued brain, this makes perfect sense!  I have a big project I know I need to get started on soon, but since I’m finding it hard to make the decisions right away, I’m not going to waste time just thinking about it – I’m going to start something else.  Good plan! (I think!)

The downside of writing publicly about this is that some of the people I am making things for read this blog!  So some of my posts may be creatively secret in the pattern details but hopefully interesting enough to read.

Are you all set?  Did you make your lists and stick post-its on your favorite pattern books?  What are you going to start first?  Or did you already start?!  I’ll cast on for my first project on Tuesday when I’m back over the bridge!

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