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I am really, really sorry if I am the first one to beak this news to you.  When I first heard, I was alarmed.  I didn’t quite panic, but it was enough to sit me down in front of my Ravelry queue and try to get my thoughts organized.


I know.

There are currently 72 days until Christmas.

There are only 45 days until Thanksgiving, which is also the FIRST NIGHT OF HANNUKAH this year!

Ok.  Don’t freak out!  Let’s talk about this.

My personal “best laid plans” for my holiday gifts this year were to make mittens all summer – bunches of them, in every color combination I liked to make them in.  For some of them I would think ahead to a specific person, but others I would make for the gift-giving stash.  It NEVER happened.  And even though I try not to get too freaked out, stressed out and overwhelmed about the holidays, I don’t want another year to go by without some handmade gifts.  I usually get one or two done and come to terms with the fact that “there just isn’t enough time”.  Then I say, “Next year, I’ll make sure I make something for so-and-so first so she/he doesn’t get left out.” But one thing we learned this summer, with our Finish-Along, is that we have to make time.  We have to set goals.  And that’s what we’re going to do this year!  (Do you like how I just lumped you in along with me?  It’s really that I have to make time and set goals, but if you want to join me, I’d love it!)

When should we start?

Another thing I learned from the Finish-Along, and from the motivated people in my life, is that we can’t wait.  We start TODAY.  Let’s take some time for planning and yarn/stash/pattern organization, then ACTION starts Sunday, Oct 20.  I vow to post to the blog, once a week on Sundays, if you vow to check in via the comments, Facebook or Ravelry.  Post photos and tell us of your hopes, dreams, successes and failures along the way.  We’ll keep each other going and when it comes time to give our gifts we’ll be victorious!  What do you say, are you with me?!