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I probably don’t have to tell you that running a yarn shop isn’t always easy.  In fact, I’m still waiting for the day when it feels easy!  (Will it ever?)  In the midst of the day-to-day activity you don’t always have the time to look back and see how far you’ve come.  Well, sometime yesterday, when I was running around and teaching lessons, we hit 500 likes on our Facebook page!!

In a world where Grumpy Cat has 1.2 million likes, reaching 500 might not seem like much.  But it’s HUGE to me!  Each and every “like” belongs to a person and has a story behind it.  One person may be a local friend, who we see once a week, while the next may be hoping to visit us for the first time in the near future.

Facebook Likes

We hope to continue to grow and serve you in the best way possible.  With the move to our new location and our planned classes, events, sample displays and new products, Sage Yarn will be better than ever.  Thank you so much for supporting us through all of the downs and ups, bad and good, lean and prosperous times!  Every single one of you is very important to us.  Thank you, thank you!