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It seems like everyone in town is talking about our big announcement!  You will hear a lot more about this over the next few months but I wanted to elaborate a little bit on our decision to move to a new location.

Our store has undergone a pretty large transformation over a short time.  When my parents purchased it in 2005, it was an established fine gifts store with a “knitting corner” towards the back of the sales floor. Over the next 3 years it became clear that the yarn was taking over!  We enjoyed working with it and helping people to make projects for their family and friends.  By the end of 2008 we were selling through the last of our gifts and prepping for a renovation.  A new carpet, slat wall, a new cash wrap and a whole lot of new yarn appeared over the course of a week in early 2009 and we became Sage Yarn.

Even though we enjoyed the yarn and we made a good business decision, we could never have anticipated what it actually meant to be a yarn store.  It means being part of a community.  We’re no longer simply a retail establishment; we are a resource and a gathering place.  The final step in growing into the yarn store we are meant to be, is moving to a location that will support the community we serve.

Our current location, Falmouth Village, is the most wonderful place to own a business.  It has charm, friendly store owners, amazing food, and is always active.  It is, however, difficult to find a unit on Main Street that fits our needs.  We need parking close to our store.  There are a good number of our valued customers who simply cannot park and walk a long distance to the store.  In order to hold classes, we need a restroom in-house that everyone can use, instead of sending people across the street to the public restroom.  And, finally, we need a real classroom.  While it is wonderful to see the activity of a class in the middle of our sales floor, it is difficult to be in that class while people are shopping around you.

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Our new location has all of these things, and more!  It is easy to access from 28, 151 and 28A.  It has more storage than we could EVER need and two gorgeous, huge windows for natural light.  It has nice neighbors in the Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod and The Daily Brew is just up the street.  We hope that all of these things will help us to be the best yarn shop we can possibly be and serve you in every way possible.

Over the next few months, while our new space is being renovated, we will be brainstorming for our new store.  In that time we want to hear from you!  What are your hopes and dreams for your favorite yarn store?  Do you have any suggestions for our future classes and events?  Email me at sageyarn at gmail.com, leave a comment here or check us out on Facebook.  Stay tuned for more exciting news in the weeks to come!


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