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Before I start this long post I have to shout out to Trumpet Hill… Fine yarns and Accents in Albany, NY!  Robena – owner and fabulous knitter – and her customers there are joining us in our Finish-Along!  Every time I am in Albany I spend almost a whole afternoon hanging out at Trumpet Hill, knitting, socializing and shopping.  Stop by her Facebook page and or if you’re in the Albany area stop by her stop and say hi!


FAL, true confessions!  Airing my dirty laundry here on the blog is the best motivation for cleaning things up.  Hopefully, it helps motivate you as well!  Here’s my pile:Everything

There’s a bunch of stuff here.  When I pile it all on the loveseat like this, it doesn’t seem like too much!

I’ve decided to rip out a couple projects and put the yarn back into the stash (that totally counts as progress, by the way!).  I have this white cotton bamboo that was going to be a crocheted cardigan designed by Kristen TenDyke.  I even joined a crochet along for it!  But I stalled out and have to really focus on the pattern to work on it, which isn’t going to happen any time soon.  I would love to have the finished cardigan, but even if I start working on it now, it’s been waiting so long that my gauge is bound to be off.  So RIP!


This purple thing was supposed to be a hat.  I started it back in March and it should have been finished in a night or two, but not matter what I did I couldn’t do the pattern correctly.  I’ll try it again someday, but this beautiful Malabrigo is going back in the stash.

Here are my UFOs – 2 socks, a blanket, a diaper cover and baby sweater.


The blue sock is yarn from Toil and Trouble and a toe-up version of Aquaphobia.   The red/black sock is from the Mean Girls Sock Club (I have a sock yarn problem) and is this Herringbone pattern but toe-up.  Both patterns are fun and free on Ravelry if you want to check them out!

The blanket is this hexagon pattern.  I used a Noro yarn that had been in my stash from back when we stocked it (2007!) and it still isn’t finished.  My project entry in Ravelry says I started this in Feb 2010.  It’ll be done by the end of August!blanket

The diaper cover/soaker is this pattern and just needs ribbings, while the Baby Suprise Jacket in my own handspun only needs a collar and some buttons.


Here are my WIPs – 3 sweaters


Niche from Norah Gaughan Vol 12.
This one has been a focus the past two weeks.  My WIP post is here if you want to check it out.  This is the project that brought my knitting mojo back to me after a 2 month break.

Prairie Earth & Sky from Fearless Fair Isle, by Kathleen Taylor.  This is going to be a sample for the shop, as I’d love to teach some classes on it, and I wanted to have it completed for the county fair.  But that didn’t happen.

Bláithín, by Kate Davies
This one was just started this past Sunday as a knitalong with a couple friends.  I couldn’t resist casting on!  It will be a great store project for a while, since it is bottom-up stockinette for a long time.

My plan of attack

I generally have a home project and a store project both going at the same time.  I will focus on 2 projects at a time – one from each category – and when I finish one from that category, another will move up in its place.  I’m going to start with Niche and my Noro blanket and move on from there!

In September I will confess my knitting to-do list for the fall and winter coming up.  I hesitate to even think about how much I want to do right now – the list will shock you!

NOW – you tell me – What are you working on for the Finish-Along?