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In my last newsletter, I said I was still working with wool.  It was just before the current heat wave hit and it was still nice and cool in the evenings.  Oh boy, things have changed!  I could feel myself losing steam on my wool sweater and was just sitting, watching TV, doing *nothing*.  How does that happen?  Why is there no summer knitting to grab?!  I decided to dive in to a new, cotton-y project yesterday but couldn’t decide between the loose and comfortable Niche from Norah Gaughan Vol. 12 and the glam, lace-back tank #01 from this summer’s Vogue Knitting magazine.


The internet decided for me, with several votes for Niche via Facebook and Instagram.  Casting on at knit-night, I worked my gauge swatch and achieved both stitch AND row gauge on my first needle size.  If there was any doubt that I should be working on this project, it all disappeared!


I am knitting it in the yarn called for in the pattern – Berroco Maya – and it is a wonderful yarn.  If you are cotton-phobic but really want to knit something cooler than wool, pick up Maya.  It is bouncy and soft and squishy like a wool, but it is a machine-wash cotton blend.  It’s like magic!  I am refreshed and energized, and even though I have added to my UFO/WIP list instead of completing something, this project was just the shot-in-the-arm my knitting mojo needed!