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Click the photo to download the Exhibitor Handbook pdf!

You might not be thinking about it yet, but the Barnstable County Fair is just four weeks away!  In addition to the wide variety of attractions for young and old, the fair displays exhibitions of work submitted by residents.  And despite the availability of unique and delicious fried foods, the exhibitions are my favorite part!

As a resident of Barnstable County you can submit items that you have made or grown in any of these main departments: Arts; Crafts; Home Furnishings; Needle Arts; Photography; Apiary; Arrangements; Baked Goods & Preserves; Flowers; Fruits & Vegetables and Plants.  Within each of these departments there are sub-categories, and there is a first, second and third place winner for each.

In the “Knits, Crochet, Sewing, Dolls and Toys” department there are 63 categories that you can enter for Knitting and Crocheting.  Each of those categories has awards of ribbons, and some have other awards such as a gift certificate to your favorite yarn store (Sage Yarn, hint, hint!).  In the past few years there have been so few participants that some of the categories for our gift certificate award had zero entries.  (In those cases, we chose another category, for which there were entries.)

I know, firsthand, how many wonderful knitters and crocheters live here on Cape.  I also know how many of you don’t think your work is “worthy” or “good enough” for the fair.  I’m here to tell you – IT IS!  The very fact that you are working to create something with your hands is a wonderful thing that should be celebrated.  I have never seen a fair entry that didn’t deserve to be there.

Now, instead of going through your patterns and trying to choose the most complicated project you can handle, I propose that we all choose a project that we have already finished (in the past year) and submit it to the fair.  Choose a category from the list – ANYTHING you have made will fit into one of these categories!  If you are not in the area to drop your item off or pick it up, a friend can do it for you.  Your item should not look worn, in order to have the smoothest judging experience.

By entering something in the fair you will add to the enjoyment of those attending, reap the rewards of warm fuzzy feelings and maybe a little bit of money, and ensure that the needlework exhibition continues to exist!