Ok, back in March (not that long ago!)  I posted about the multiple projects I keep going on and the multiple reasons for them.  I arrived at work today, basket on my arm, and realized I didn’t have a single project with me.  So…. what the heck was I carrying in my basket back and forth to work?!


It’s time for some spring cleaning.

(pictured: gardening notebook; gym notebook; “to-do” list scratch pad; various inventory printouts; 2 notions pouches and a notions box; almost finished Polar Selzer in Piña Colada; Excedrine Migrane; Subway coupons; stitch marker making tools; silica packets; nail polish; an apple; 2 interchangable needle sets; a crochet hook set; two packages of double pointed needles; 5 kinds of lotion; 2 empty project bags; half a skein of Berroco Comfort; 3 headbands; 1 hair clip; 5 yarn and fiber labels; a sweet card from my husband; the latest Interweave Knits; and an umbrella)

The tough part is, after throwing out whatever trash I can, all of this just has to go back in the basket to go home with me to be put away.  But it needs to be done – everything must be sorted and put away!  Here comes a clean project basket!