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A wonderful friend of mine told me months ago that she was happily expecting her first grandchild in April.  At the time I thought, “YES!  Exciting!  What should I make her?” and, “April – oh, I have plenty of time.”Pinke-Blanket3

Well, all of a sudden it was April and I still hadn’t picked a pattern or yarn.  I needed a gift, quick, but I didn’t want to skimp on the pattern.  I decided on a blanket so that it wouldn’t have to fit a certain size baby and I wanted a little bit of a pattern but nothing to fancy.  Enter the Pinkie Blankie!  This is one of Celeste’s favorites.  (Yes, I know it’s May and this blanket isn’t done.  It’ll be done soon!)

Pattern: Pinkie Blankie, by Juli Ridl, available as a free Ravelry Download.
Yarn called for in the pattern: Super Bulky, 2 sts = 1″
Yarn I’m using: Worsted, 5 sts = 1″, Berroco Comfort, 4 balls of “Seedling” col. 9740

The Pinkie Blanket is a repeat of a simple leaf motif with a garter stitch border.  It is the best kind of lace – just a few rows of decreases and yarn overs, with purl-back rows in between.  EASY!  It’s also the kind of pattern that you can alter pretty easily.  Celeste has made this blanket in the bulky weight, but I wanted to use a certain color of Comfort that I only had in worsted.  Knowing the leaf pattern repeat is a multiple of 12, I added a few pattern repeats and CO 120 stitches, so that the blanket wouldn’t be too small.


I’m not an especially precise person with some things.  Baking – yes.  Cooking – no.  Gauge swatches – maybe.  To change a pattern like this for a different gauge you *could* knit a gauge swatch in pattern andPinkie-Blanket do your knitting math.  But I just decided to wing it.  I took a guess that just a few more repeats of the leaf would be fine, whatever size it ended up.  I also guessed that 4 balls would be enough – though I might use less than that – based on other worsted weight blankets we have hanging around the shop. So I took 4 balls of Comfort and put the 4th ball in a safe place in case I want to return it.

I’m just about done with the 3rd ball and I will be needing that 4th, though I might not knit through the whole thing (a matching hat, perhaps?).  In a near-future post I’ll give you finished stats on the size and yarn, along with a quick tutorial!