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If you’ve been following me on Instagram you may have seen a few snapshots of this beauty.  This is my first foray into double knitting and it won’t be my last!


Double knitting is a technique where you knit two sides of a reversible fabric at once.  For this cowl, the designer recommends knitting both layers at once by alternating knitting an outside stitch and purling an inside stitch all the way around the needle.  While doing this, you follow the chart for switching colors to form the hearts!Love-Actually

I fear I am making this sound more complicated than it is, although it did take me a few tries to get going.  This cowl starts with Judy’s Magic Cast-On, which I usually use for my toe-up socks.  Once you have your stitches, you must set up your knitting so that you are alternating an inside stitch and an outside stitch around the circle.  (I had to text Celeste for some emergency help and she sent me an iphone video 🙂  From there I settled into a good rhythm with the knitting part.  I preferred knitting with one color in each hand for this project – both in one hand got tangled so quickly!  You use a kitchener stitch to bind off the opposite edge and I really think it’s worth it, to have a finished, tubular edge on both sides.

Pattern: Love actually is all around, by Sara J. Bench, available free on knitty.com
Yarn: Frog Tree Alpaca Sport, 1 skein of each color
Ravelry link – check out everyone’s projects!

Pattern Notes: As I was knitting it became clear I wouldn’t complete all four rows of hearts with one skein of each color.  I made the executive decision that it looked nice enough with 3 rows, rather than dipping into a second ball.  Although I love the Frog Tree and keep coming back to it for many projects, I think that maybe a rounder, 3 ply yarn would give a double knit pattern like this a puffier stitch – the two-ply looks a little “squiggly” for this double knit fabric on size 8 needles.  That being said, I’m really happy with it!