Out there in the yarn world, when you have decided you no longer want to use a certain yarn you can have a “destash” sale.  It helps clean out the stash and puts a little money in your pocket at the same time.  Before I was a yarn store owner I did take advantage of the destash forums on Ravelry.  Leftovers from larger projects or yarns that had just been hanging around too long got the axe!  Well, I’ve decided to have a store destash!

Yarn stores have a lot of yarns that come and go.  They get discontinued by the manufacturer, they aren’t the right fit for our customers or certain colors need to go so new colors can come in.  Right now, I am in between seasons and about to order from my wish lists for Spring and Summer.  In order to clear some space and move along those few balls and skeins that are hanging around I thought I would feature them here!  They might get some more attention and give those of you who can’t make it in to the store a chance to check them out.  How is this different from a “sale”?  Negotiate with me – make me a deal!  Let’s give these yarns new homes!

RULES:  I will be posting a new set of clearance yarns every day through Sunday.  To claim a yarn you can check out via Paypal or email me (info@sageyarn.com) for other arrangements.  I will hold orders if you want to wait until the end of the week in case you want something on a different day.  USPS Shipping will be included in the price of the yarn.  As things sell out I will take them down, though there may be a delay if I’m not at the computer at that exact moment.  In that case, someone may grab a yarn before you can get to it.  I’m sorry about that, but this is the most concise way to offer these deals to you (our website is a little clunky).

Tuesday – Baby yarns
Wednesday – Spring/Summer yarns
Thursday – Fall/Winter yarns
Friday – Novelty yarns
Saturday – Luxury yarns

READY? Here we go!