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In my last post I mentioned something about wanting to share a Finished Project with you soon.  In fact, I said, “Maybe we’re all getting to that point in the season where we want to see some of our WIPs finished and have less on our plate?  I know I’m feeling a little itchy to share some actual, finished projects with you.”


Happy Spring!

Oh my goodness.  I WOKE UP feeling that itch today.  It’s the first day of Spring, we’re having a sunny day in between two storms, and I sat down here to try to write a post on a different Work in Progress for WIP Wednesday.  All I can think of is how much I want one of those WIPs to be done!  So, I’m challenging myself to pick something and finish it for Friday’s post.

I can choose from a top-down sweater that needs one more 3/4 length sleeve and a cowl collar, a half-done first sock of a pair, a quarter-done double-knit cowl, or a 1/8th complete colorwork sweater (not gonna happen).  You’ll see on Friday!

I challenge you!  Is there something you have that is almost done and you’ve been procrastinating on it?  Pick it up, finish it up and share it!  Link to it here in the comments or share a photo on Facebook.